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Latest Website Updates

January 30th 2008:
The Poster Store is now up and running.

January 24th 2008:
3 Profile pages, Annette Funicello, Christina Milian & Alicia Keys go online, complete with blog spot for visitor comments. Also, the DVD Store is now up and running with a selection of some of the hottest Blackhaired Beauties with their DVD collections.

January 17th 2008:
The 26 alphabet pages, A through to Z go online, complete with a selection of Blackhaired Beauties and biography links.

January 7th 2008:
The final 3 "Born" Decade Pages, Latest Updates, Poster Store, Book Store, DVD Store, About This Site and the Links page, all go online with minimal input.

January 5th 2008:
The "Born After 1980" Decade Page goes online.

January 4th 2008: Homepage makes its debut.


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